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The Dinosaurs of Industry and the Rhythm of Man

My work serves as an ineffectual reminder of bygone eras when a symbiotic relationship between man and machine seemed the answer to the meaning of life. The current decade witnesses a hopeful return to work and the Earth, a desire to mutually benefit our fellow man by keeping our money close to home. We are becoming more interested in the Earth and what it takes to preserve our habitat. Naturally, we proceed as a species until we realize effect and then we attempt to bandage the wounds after the bleeding has reached a critical level.

In contrast to the things we have broken are the remaining edifices of the planet; plants, animals, fungi, and geological environments both big and small. Our perception of these naturally occurring elements is through a lens of mathematics, a sacred geometry. Geometry, with its clear cut answers, logic, and certainty approaches the holy. We feel the aura which Walter Benjamin claims is only evident in the authentic artifact.

Through drawings, paintings and three dimensional objects, patterns and depictions of antiquated technology and living matter, The Dinosaurs of Industry and the Rhythm of Man commences a dialogue on a present day computer aided eco-friendly society.